November 2019

We have all settled into the dark days and nights of winter now. Temperatures and appetites to remain outdoors are also dropping, but the student group we have this year have not shied away from getting involved with all manner of activities!

Student Progress

Our students are making fantastic progress, on our day provision programme the students have been involved in creating crafts including clay Christmas decorations, the food items mentioned below and helping in the garden to plant next year’s crops. Meanwhile, in the workshop they’ve been using a variety of tools for our pallet Christmas tree, this will be finished off this week with a coat of paint. Furthermore, our Level 2 group has been progressing well with assessments working towards completing course units.

Pallet Christmas tree in progress

Healthy Fresh Food

During November one of our students has been involved in making a variety of different culinary delights which have been served up as a communal healthy lunch for the whole student and staff team on Fridays. Many of the ingredients have been grown on site, either in our kitchen garden or harvested from hedgerows on the farm. This month’s productions have included, soup (leek and potato, pumpkin, pumpkin and celery) jams (pumpkin, elderberry). The soups don’t normally last long especially when staff and students have been working outside in the wind and rain, it is a lovely warming and social lunchtime treat.

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Chicken Run

As we all know November brought with it some almighty periods of heavy rain, for those of you who have not visited us, we are based at the top of a very steep field and at the bottom you will find the Gaddesby brook, this is also where our chicken pens are located… During the heavy rain, the waters rose to more than 3 m, due to the steep catchment rushing the water down and overflowing the brook.

Therefore, we had to embark upon a chicken rescue mission to bring our little feathered friends back to dry land. This now means our chickens are being used as mobile veg bed clearers over the winter, up at our kitchen garden, safe from being flooded out.