Nature conservation and wildlife watching

  • Practical habitat management
  • Green gym workouts
  • Habitat creation
  • Bird watching
  • Mammal watching with remote cameras
  • Environmental surveys

Food and nutrition

  • Food production and horticulture
  • Garden maintenance
  • Wild food foraging
  • Cooking and making meals
  • Healthy eating and nutrition
  • Local food sourcing to make heritage and modern foods

Natural and Heritage Crafts

  • Identifying and collecting natural materials
  • Researching creative uses and developing ideas
  • Making decorative and functional items
  • Displaying items artistically 
  • Researching the history of craft items and telling a story


  • Woodland and forestry management and log sales
  • Managing woodland hens and selling eggs
  • Creating bird, bat, hedgehog and owl boxes
  • Natural arts and crafts
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Community projects