Heritage and Traditional Crafts

This course is for learners who are highly motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experience and through course content that is related to those experiences.

The Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates are designed to provider learners with skills, knowledge and understanding of craft as the act of making an object by hand, that has a function or a purpose.

This course is for people who are interested in any aspect of craft, including researching ideas and working with different tools and materials.

What careers can it lead to?

This qualification can lead you into the artisan craft industry working as an apprentice or assistant, or, once you have perfected your craft skill, you may also work for yourself as a specialist artisan.

How long will this qualification take?

Level 1

  • 34 weeks at 1 day per week/ 16 weeks at 2 days per week

Level 2

  • 34 weeks at 1 day per week/ 17 weeks at 2 days per week

Please note: the above details are based on the minimum amount of time needed to complete the qualifications.  The actual time may be longer depending upon the service user’s needs and abilities.

Who is the course suitable for?

Adults and young people over the age of 14.

The Level 1 course is suitable for people on the following programmes

Is this course certified?

  • Yes, you will receive a NCFE Certificate in Creative Crafts

Which days of the week is this offered?

  • Enquire for details.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

  • This will depend upon the craft you have selected, any essential clothing we can order for you.  All other equipment and personal protective equipment is provided

Where will it take place?

  • You will be based at the Humboldt Field Studies Centre and will work within our Marefield Corner woodland and kitchen garden, as well as working across the wider farm to select and gather suitable materials

Typical Group Size

  • Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 learners

How much does this qualification cost?

  • Enquire for further details