Our facilities are located on Marefield Lane,where we have a field studies centre, a rural workshop, kitchen garden, and conservation woodland.

Each space provides a wealth of activities from food growing, forage cooking, practical conservation tasks, gardening, wildlife surveying and the creation of craft items.

Our activities are planned around the seasons with lots of variety as well as ongoing jobs for people to engage with.

Humboldt Centre

This is our field studies classroom which is located in an old shire horse barn. The classroom has been designed to be autism friendly with calm colours and a light and airy atmosphere.

The Craft Workshop

This is where we make wood products and other rural crafts. It is fully equipped for most types of crafts and can easily hold up to 6 people working together.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is a wonderful and calm place to be as it has views over the wider landscape, and of the old Marefield viaduct in the distance.

There are lots of vegetables being grown throughout the year, both in the beds and in our polytunnel. The garden is also used to grow plants that produce dyes for fabrics, as well as plants that give us edible flowers. We also run a small veg box scheme that provides local people with healthy and seasonal produce.

The garden is managed on organic principles, all aimed to improve the soil and wildlife of the area. Wildlife is important in the garden and we enjoy working alongside the butterflies on a warm summer day!

Marefield Corner

Marefield Corner is the 3 acre woodland we use for teaching habitat management, green woodworking, and forestry to our beginners. We are currently creating areas that represent different types of woodlands, such as a forest garden area, an area dedicated to growing fruit and nuts, a willow coppice area, and a hobbit style story telling area!

The woodland is also home to our hens, which are an important part of our work as they provide eggs which we sell. The hens are very popular and everyone likes to get involved in looking after them.